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RBI rolls out new list of holidays for Banks, to remain closed for 18 days in August

02 Aug 2022

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The Reserve Bank of India has rolled out the list of bank holidays for the month of August. According to the RBI calendar, both public and private banks will remain closed for 18 days in the month, which include gazette, statutory holidays, as well as Sundays. In addition, banks don't operate on the second and fourth Saturdays of every month. Apart from these holidays, there are several regional festivals including Ganesh Chaturthi, Janmashtami, Shahenshahi, and Muharram due to which the services will get affected. Therefore, the local branches of the banks in the respective state would also remain closed. On the occasion of Independence Day, August 15, banks, across the country, will remain closed. 

As the banks will not remain operational for almost half of August month, it is advised that you plan all your bank-related work accordingly to avoid any inconvenience. Notably, online banking services will be available despite the holidays.

Here is the complete list of bank holidays for August 2022.

August 7: First Sunday

August 13: Second Saturday + Patriot's Day

August 14: Second Sunday

August 21: Third Sunday

August 27: Fourth Saturday

August 28: Fourth Sunday

National and Regional Holidays

August 1: Drukpa Tshe-zi - Gangtok

August 8: Muharram (Ashoora) - Jammu, Srinagar

August 9: Muharram (Ashoora) - Agartala, Ahmedabad, Aizawl, Belapur, Bengaluru, Bhopal, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kanpur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai, Nagpur, New Delhi, Patna, Raipur and Ranchi

August 11: Raksha Bandhan - Ahmedadabad, Bhopal, Dehradun, Jaipur, and Shimla

August 12: Raksha Bandhan - Kanpur, and Lucknow

August 13: Patriot's Day - Imphal

August 15: Independence Day - All over India

August 16: Parsi New Year (Shahenshahi) - Belapur, Mumbai, and Nagpur

August 18: Janmashtami - Bhubaneswar, Dehradun, Kanpur and Lucknow

August 19: Janmashtami (Shravan Vad-8)/ Krishna Jayanthi - Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Chennai, Gangtok, Jaipur, Jammu, Patna, Raipur, Ranchi, Shillong and Shimla

August 20: Sri Krishna Ashtami - Hyderabad

August 29: Tithi of Srimanta Sankardeva - Guwahati

August 31: Samvatsari (Chaturthi Paksha)/Ganesh Chaturthi/ Varasiddhi Vinayaka Vrata/ Vinayakar Chathurthi - Ahmedabad, Belapur, Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Nagpur and Panaji

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