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Gwalior bench orders CBI probe in Suresh Rawat custodial death case, police was active in influencing investigation from the start

29 Nov 2022

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Gwalior: The Gwalior Bench of the Madhya Pradesh High Court on Monday imposed a fine of Rs 20 lakh on five policemen and one Home Guard soldier. The case pertains to a death in police custody 5 years back. The High Court has ordered to hand over the investigation to the CBI.

The Single Bench of the High Court said – The Gwalior Police was active in influencing the investigation from the very beginning. In this case the investigation is handed over to the CBI. All (five) policemen involved in the case should be suspended and their headquarters should be kept 700 km away from Gwalior. They should be kept suspended till the completion of the trial.

What is the whole matter? Why did the court have to give this strict order?

The matter is of 10 August 2019. Suresh Rawat, a resident of Belgadha in Gwalior district, was spraying manure in the field. Meanwhile, there was a dispute with Khemu Shakya of the neighborhood. Later, the police made Suresh Rawat sit in the police station. His report was not written.

According to Suresh's son Ashok Rawat, the Belgada police refused to file a report. Started demanding bribe of 20 thousand rupees. Started saying that if you don't give money, then Suresh will not be spared. Then he stood outside with his brother-in-law Mangal Singh. When there was a sound of fighting from inside the police station, he ran inside. The policemen stopped him from going further. After a while it was learned that father Suresh's condition had worsened.

Policemen Vijay Singh Rajput, Neeraj Prajapati, Vijay Kushwaha, Arun Mishra, Dharmendra, Home Guard soldier Ehsan Khan brought the father out in a dead state. Bhitarwar was taken to the hospital after being kept in a police vehicle. Along with him, Mangal Singh and I also came to Bhitarwar Hospital sitting in the car. Reached the hospital and the doctors checked him and declared him dead.

Post death report

Ashok told that the police registered the case after the father's death. We filed a case against the policemen. The hearing in the murder case is going on in the court since then. The order has strengthened faith in the judiciary.

Collect the government fine and deposit it

High Court Justice GS Ahluwalia has ordered that compensation amount be recovered from the policemen and Home Guard soldiers and given to the family of the deceased. The SP will deposit this fine with the Principal Registrar of the High Court by January 5, 2023.

From whom how much will be recovered

ASI Vijay Singh Rajput (retd. and then station in-charge): Rs 10 lakh

Head constable Arun Mishra: Rs 5 lakh

Constable Neeraj Prajapati: Rs 2 lakh

Constable Dharmendra: Rs 1 lakh

Constable Vijay Kushwaha: Rs 1 lakh

Home Guard soldier Ehsan Khan: Rs 1 lakh

CBI should file a case against the investigator if he is found guilty.

Advocate Nirmal Sharma said that while hearing the case, the High Court has directed the CBI that if any negligence comes to light in the investigation, then a case should also be registered against the policeman concerned. Along with this, the suspension of all the accused related to this case should be restored till the trial of the case is completed.

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