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Joint teams of Bhopal Police recover 9 robbed vehicles from thieves

15 Sep 2022

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By taking joint action of police station crime branch and police station Piplani, two dozen vehicles stolen from two vehicle thieves disclosed

Two friends used to commit the theft incident together.

A total of 09 two wheelers worth about Rs 06 lakhs were recovered.

Bhopal: Forming Two joint teams comprising the staff of Commissioner Govindpura and Police Station Piplani. In relation to the vehicle thieves by the said team, both the teams made a route map of the vehicle thefts in the last 6 months and with the help of technical evidence, identified the motorcycle thieves and disclosed the said motorcycle thefts. Details of the proceedings - During the search and detection of vehicle thieves, the Crime Branch team received information from a trusted informer that two suspicious boys are talking about selling stolen motorcycles at cheap prices near Athai Kheda Dam. Both the suspected boys were caught in the theft of TVS Motor Cycle, both of them gave their names on the inquiry. Naresh Ahirwar's father, Revaram Ahirwar, aged 20 years, told about the theft of the said motor cycle, taking it into confidence, that this motorcycle was stolen 10/12 days ago near Piplani a school day. Who stole the same motor cycle today, after confiscating the Piplani crime no.615/22 section 379 of Bhadvi and taking custody of both the accused and inquired about theft of other vehicles in Bhopal city, which was done by both the accused. Admitted to stealing a two wheeler It was said that on the innocence of both the accused, 9 two wheelers of two stolen two wheelers from police station Piplani, Thana Bilkhiria, Thana Bagh Sevaniya, Thana Habibganj were found to be around 6 lakh rupees.

List of two wheelers disclosed on interrogation by the accused

1.MP04QA1062TV Star Thana Piplani

2.MP04UB3212 Axis Thana Piplani

3.MP38MN2453 Star Sports Thana Piplani

4.MP04QJ2978 Splendor Police Station Bilkhiria

5.MP04DM0746 Splendor Thana Bagsevania

6.MP37MG2855 Passion Pro Thana Bagsevania

7.MP40BB7588 CT 100 Thana Bilkhiria

8.MP04QM 3741 CT 100 Thana Habibganj

9. MP04XM7322 YBR Yamaha Motorcycle Thana Piplani

Inquiries are on with respect to other vehicles.

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