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Mathura police arrests Sadhvi Pragya's PSO, driver and another men; Meenakshi accuses Sadhvi of abusing

19 Nov 2022

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Mathura: Bhopal MP Pragya Thakur has also jumped into the ongoing dispute over the ownership of Bhuriwala Ashram in Vrindavan and she is being accused that Sadhvi Pragya has reached Vrindavan with armed men to take possession of the ashram.

Not only this, BJP MP from Bhopal Pragya Thakur is also being accused of misbehaving with Bhagwatacharya Nagendra Maharaj's wife Meenakshi Dutt on Monday.

According to the information, the police have arrested BJP MP Pragya Thakur's PSO, driver and another person in this case while MP Pragya Thakur has accused the local police officers of conspiring against her.

Let us tell you that there is Bhuriwala Ashram near the residence of Bhagwatacharya Nagendra Maharaj in Motijheel area of ​​Vrindavan, whose ownership is being disputed between two parties for a long time.

Recently on October 7, there was a violent clash between these two sides over the ownership of the ashram in which nine people including Swami Darshananand were injured and suddenly Sadhvi Pragya Thakur reached there on Monday.

Bhagwatacharya Nagendra Maharaj's wife Meenakshi Dutt, who made allegations against MP Pragya Thakur, told that at around 8.30 pm on Sunday night, four-five people who came with Pragya Thakur in a vehicle came to her residence and abused her, with whom Bhuriwala Ashram There was also a saint.

The next day on Monday, armed goons accompanying Pragya Thakur attacked her house. It is alleged that the gunner of the BJP MP threatened to kill him by pointing a gun at him. Apart from this, other people accompanying were also abusing and trying to enter the house with malicious intent.

During this whole incident the policemen reached there and saved Meenakshi from those people. Mathura police took MP Pragya Thakur's PSO Manish Bhatt, driver Dravesh and one other person into custody and brought them to Kotwali.

Nagendra Maharaj says that weapons have also been recovered from the arrested people, while Pragya Thakur alleges that all this is happening in connivance with the local police and the SHO is biased.

On the contrary, the BJP MP accused Dharmacharya's wife of abusing her and said that Nagendra Maharaj wants to capture the ashram. Pragya Thakur has said in her statement that she had come to Bhuriwala Ashram to meet the saints. Meanwhile, Bhagwatacharya's wife started abusing him.

On the second day also in the presence of the local police, Bhagwatacharya's wife started abusing him by name, but the police did not take any action. When his security guards tried to stop him from abusing him, the police took the security guards into custody.

He has also spoken to Mathura SP, District Collector, and the state DGP in this matter. It also said that she will also complain to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath about the functioning of the police.

मध्यप्रदेश जुर्मे वारदात गम्भीर अपराध मज़हब हिन्दू ताज़ा सुर्खियाँ

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