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3 MLAs blocked from attending winter assembly session starting from Dec 19, HC sets aside their membership

16 Dec 2022

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Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): Three MLAs, two from the BJP and one from the Congress –may not be allowed to take part in the Assembly’s winter session beginning from December 19. To take part in the session, they should get relief from the court, said principal secretary AP Singh, on Thursday.

The high court has set aside membership of these three legislators for some reasons or other. After the court order, the facilities these three legislators were enjoying have been withdrawn.

Court orders

An MP/MLA court has awarded three years’ jail term to Congress Mla from Sumawali, Ajab Singh Kushwaha, in connection with a land-related case.

In the second case, the Jabalpur High Court set aside the election of BJP legislator from Khargapur, Rahul Singh Lodhi, for giving wrong information in the election form.

Similarly, the Gwalior High Court cancelled the membership of BJP MLA Jajpal Singh Jajji for giving wrong information in the nomination form.

Notices served

Principal Secretary AP Singh said that the Assembly had served notices to all the three MLAs, asking them to reply within three days. Notices were also served on the grounds of information the assembly had received from the respective courts.

After the notice was served on Kushwaha, he said he had filed a petition in the court, seeking relief.

Similarly, notices were also served on Lodhi on Wednesday and on Jajji on Thursday.

 “If they do not get relief from the court, they will not get permission to take part in the winter session,” he added. 

According to Singh, the salaries, allowances and other facilities given to these legislators have been withdrawn, besides they cannot attend the meetings of the assembly.

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