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From lady singham popular in Mumbai to bribery queen, the saga of SP Bahuguna & TI Archana Nagar

12 Nov 2022

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Jabalpur: Police Inspector Archana Nagar, resident of Gorakhpur Police Line of Jabalpur city, complained to the Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission on the complaint of sexual abuse and mental torture on the Superintendent of Police, Jabalpur Siddhartha Bahuguna by violating his human rights and depriving him of the right to live a dignified life. The applicant submitted her written complaint in a detailed application in front of Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission Chairman Narendra Kumar Jain in April this year. The commission has registered the complaint of the applicant. Chairman of the Commission, Justice Narendra Jain sought reply from the Director General of Police (DGP), Madhya Pradesh in the matter within four weeks. A letter to this effect has also been sent to the DGP on April 4 by the Registrar (Law) of the Commission. In the letter, the Commission has directed the DGP to conduct an in-depth investigation of all the allegations leveled against the Superintendent of Police, Jabalpur in the complaint of the applicant by an officer of the rank of Additional Director General of Police (ADG) or Inspector General of Police (IG). Factual report were asked to be sent to the commission before 29 April 2022. While the reports have been submitted now, complainant inspector Archana Nagar have given certain more complaints againat SP Bahuguna now.  

While there is nothing clearly white and black in the matter, the case certainly is in the grey area where the superintendent of police has no comments to make on this matter; Archana Nagar who is currently posted in the line of Jabalpur has lot to say about the incidents happened with her.  

But Wait. Is that's all? No,  while IPS Siddharth Bahuguna has a very low- key private life and have divorced her 1st wife taking another wife. Archana Nagar has a brief history of criminal records on her own self. Once known as a lady singham lets look at her history for once:

Not long ago from now, 4 years ago Sub-inspector Archana Nagar of Madhya Pradesh police Special Task Force (STF)  nabbed the infamous drug peddler Mohammad Ismail Khan in Mumbai’s Kalina area. Nagar was heading the case and for five days, she along with a Mumbai police team continued to shift through the area to track Khan who had sold mephedrone drug to drug peddlers in Bhopal. 

Bribery Video of 2020

The video of TI and SI of Badnagar district became viral on social media for asking money in the name of leaving the car of the victim who sold the car to Ratlam based person. In this case, the TI Archana Nagar and SI Jeevan Didore taking money from the victim, to clear the case. After the police put more psychological pressure on the victim, the victim created a set of audios and made them viral on the social media, which exposed the TI and SI publicly.  In the case, the victim also complained to the SP through application. After which the SP immediately took cognizance of the case and attached the line to TI Archana Nagar and SI Jeevan Didor with immediate effect and started investigation. It is worth mentioning that on July 21, Om Rathore, of village Chirola Kala, in Badagar, sold his Bolero MP 13 CA 1059 to Ashok on July 21 on condition of filling the installment. Later, he complained to the police for not filling the installment and threatening him.  The police summoned Ashok to the police station with the vehicle, but TI Nagar and SI Didor demanded Rs  35,000 from Om for returning his vehicle.

In 2003 charged in serious Offences

On 05.09.2003, complainant Yaswant Singh made a complaint to the Superintendent of Police, Special Police Establishment, Lokayukt, Bhopal, Division Bhopal stating that he was a permanent resident of village Dolriya and he was a farmer-cum-businessman by occupation. He did business of selling hardware in village Dolriya. On 15.08.2003 at Dev Isthan known as Bhangi Baba situated near village Dolriya, he was talking to Gomti Bai, a woman of his acquittance. At that time, Archana Nagar , the S.H.O. of Police Station Dolriya with one Constable, Bahadur Singh came there on a Criminal Appeal No. 2325/2006 Criminal Appeal No. 1398/2007 motorcycle. She asked him as to why he was standing with her. She took them to the Police Station Dolriya. 

Thereafter, she made him sit in her government residence, which is on the campus of the police station. There, she got a letter written by him forcing him to admit that he had sexual intercourse with Gomti Bai several times in the past and he had also intercourse with her today. Later, she had gone to the police station. She came back after some time therefrom and told him that Gomti Bai has made a written complaint against him that he had raped her.

She told him that if he wanted to avoid prosecution on her report, he had to pay her Rs.20,000/-, otherwise she would put him behind the bars. He told her that there was no such incident as she said. He did not want to get himself entangled in an embarrassing situation and wanted to get out of it. He, therefore, offered her Rs.1,000/- to 2,000/-. But she had not agreed upon the aforesaid money and demanded from him Rs.7,000/- within 2 to 4 days. She also took his mobile phone of Nokiya saying that she would return it after getting Rs.7,000/- from him. Two days later, Constable, Bahadur Singh came to his shop and told him that accused Archana had called him. On the same day, he met her at her government residence. She told him that he had not paid her money so far. He replied that he had no money to give her. However, he would arrange the money in a week's time. She told him in a threatening tone that she would send him in jail upon the report of Gomti Bai. On 03.09.2003, she met him at a Petrol Pump. There, she told him that she had not so far received the money. She again threatened to put him behind the bars in case of non-payment of the money. Thereupon, he told her that on 04.09.2003, he would give her Rs.1,000/-. On 04.09.2003 at about 08.00 p.m., he met her at the police station. He secretly tape recorded their conversation. In the course of which, she told him that if he could not give her Rs.7,000/-, then he had to pay at least Rs.5,000/- within 2 to 3 days. Thereupon, he gave her Rs.1,000/-. He asked her to return his mobile phone. On the other hand, he wants to get her caught red handed accepting the bribe from him. He has brought with him a cassette in which he had recorded the conversation to prove the veracity of his complaint.

On the basis of the complaint and the transcription, on 05.09.2003, K.S. Sisodiya registered an FIR at Crime No.159/2003 against Archana Nagar for the offence punishable under Section 7 of the Act.

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