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Mother herself strangled new-born twins due to poverty, Bhopal Police arrests murderer

28 Sep 2022

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Bhopal: The TT Nagar Police on Tuesday claimed to have solved the mystery behind the missing of newborn twins in Bhopal. Police said that the mother strangled the 16-day-old babies and dumped their bodies in some bushes near Habibganj police station in the city.

The woman said as she was afraid that the family could not feed two more mouths as her husband is jobless and an alcoholic. The couple also has a three-year-old daughter to take care of, said the police. 

As per the woman’s complaint, the twins went missing early on September 23 when she left them on the pavement to go to a public toilet. Since then police have been frantically looking for the infants.

The mother identified as Sapna Dhakad (27) was taken into custody after took the police to the spot she dumped the babies in Ravi Shankar Nagar in Bhopal.

The police officials were surprised after they found the babies' bodies as stray dogs had not touched them. Besides, the residents of apartments surrounding the location had no clue about the bodies of the babies which had started decomposing. They thought an animal had died. 

The woman revealed the truth behind the planned murder after TT Nagar SHO Chain Singh Raghuvanshi convinced her to do so. Raghuvanshi said he had not slept properly for three days as the case haunted him.

Raghuvanshi said since the start of the investigation, they felt the mother was hiding something but had no idea that the mother would have killed the babies. The spine-chilling confession left them stunned. 

In her confession, Sapna said that murdered her twin sons because she feared her family couldn't feed them. She told the cops that her husband hasn't had a regular job in six months and her in-laws kept taunting her, asking how the couple would take care of the twin babies when they are not financially stable to even take care of their daughter. The woman’s first child is in the care of her husband's elder brother and wife. Even her husband would taunt her over the issue, she added.

According to the initial police complaint, the woman left her house with her babies to go to her parent's home in Berasia on September 23 after a tiff with her husband and in-laws. She claimed that she reached Rang Mahal Square, where she laid down the babies on the pavement and went to the toilet. When she returned at around 6.45 am, the babies had vanished.

She called her husband over the phone following which the couple lodged an FIR at the TT Nagar police at around 8.30 am. The cops registered an abduction case against unidentified accused and started investigations. 

TT Nagar police initiated an investigation to trace the missing twins and worked night and day. They scanned around 250 CCTV cameras, scoured the drains and nullahs, turned over garbage vats, and looked inside parked cars.

During the investigation, the police found CCTV footage from Rang Mahal Square which showed the woman getting off a bus but without the babies. Police checked all the CCTV cameras on the route from her home in the Kolar Guest House area till TT Nagar and found that she was carrying her sons till Habibganj. However, they found footage in which the mother was seen throwing the clothes that wrapped the babies when the woman was near the Old Habibganj Police Station building, said ACP (TT Nagar) Chandra Shekhar Pandey.

When police began an investigation into this angle of the story based on CCTV footage, she apparently acted "possessed". The police didn't pressure her and decided to crack the case with detective work.

On the other hand, the parents of the woman took her to an occult practitioner in Berasia to get rid of the evil spirit even as the police kept digging for leads in connection with the case. 

On Sunday, when she returned from Berasia, police found that her condition had worsened. She was even admitted to a hospital from where she was discharged on Monday.

ACP Pandey said, , "We were handling the case very sensitively and planned to take her to a temple in Berasia on Tuesday to get the confession from her. This made the woman think that the police were supporting and believing her story.”

“On Tuesday, on her husband's call, police brought the woman to the police station. SHO Raghuvanshi started chatting with her about her village, saying that her sarpanch was his school batch mate. Then he asked her about the babies. The woman had started trusting the SHO. She made Raghuvanshi swear thrice, placing his hand on her head and after getting assurance from him that he would not frame her she revealed to him that she had killed the babies. Later, she even took the police to the spot where she threw the dead bodies of the babies. The case was solved," Pandey said.

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