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Jabalpur police forms SIT to nab bookie who plays satta through online web exchange

05 Sep 2022

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Jabalpur: Superintendent of Police Jabalpur Siddharth Bahuguna along with Municipal Superintendent of Police Bargi / Cantt  Priyanka Shukla, for the investigation of absconding bookie Satish Sanpal, against whom currently 5 criminal cases are registered at various police stations of jabalpur have formed an SIT to nab the online satta king.  Bookie Satpal used to play illegal satta through open web exchange. 

1. Inspector Madhur Pateria, investigating officer in the crime number 356/2022 of the police station lordgaz section 420 I.D.

 2. Police officer's crime number 441/2022 Section 4A Speculative Act and 109 I.D.I. Inspector Madhur Pateria

 3.  Thana Kotwali crime number 247/2022 Section 4A Speculative Act and 109, 102,114,120 B. Investigating officer in I.D. Anil Gupta

 4. Police Station Omati Crime No. 258/2022 Section 4A Speculative Act and 109, 102,114,120 B. Investigation Officer Inspector Prafulla Srivastava in I.D.

 5. Police Station Madanmahal Crime No. 170/2022 Section 4A Speculative Act, 109, 112, 114, 120B IBD. Inspector Neeraj Verma, Investigating Officer in

SIT formed crew 

1-Upu Superintendent of Police Headquarters / City Superintendent of Police Gadha Shri Tushar Singh

2- Deputy Superintendent of Police (SC) Mr. Abhishek Chaudhary

3- Police station in-charge Lordganj Mr. Madhur Pateria

4- SHO Omati Shri Praful Srivastava

5- Police station in-charge Madanmahal Mr. Neeraj Verma

6- Police station in-charge Kotwali Mr. Anil Gupta

7- SHO Bhedaghat Shri Shafiq Khan

8- Outpost in-charge Yadav Colony Sub Inspector Dinesh Gautam

9-SHO Gohalpur Sub Inspector Shailendra Singh

10-Cyber ​​Cell Constable 334 Amit Patel

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