Road rage MP: Stuck in road quarrel, person chews and swallows finger

Sheopur: In a road rage case in Madhya Pradesh, a 45-year-old man was seen showing a finger. According to the information received, a young man here chewed the finger of the said person and then swallowed it. Everyone is surprised to hear about this incident in Sheopur district. The victim was identified as Shyam Mahore. At the same time, the name of the accused youth is being told as Asghar Khan.

‘Broken finger would have twins, but it was chewed’: The victim said in a complaint to the police, “I would have twisted the severed finger again through surgery but he had to chew it in front of me and swallow it.” According to media reports on Monday On (30 September) Mahor and his son Mahavir were going on a bike, their bike collided with the scooter of 24-year-old Khan at around 11:30 am in the narrow streets on the way. No one was hurt in this accident but debate started on both sides.

Mahore was furious over abusing his son: According to police, Mahor alleged that Asghar had abused his son, which he opposed. Meanwhile, he showed Khan a finger and asked him to take care of his language. According to the FIR, on seeing the finger, Khan got angry and cut the finger of Mahor and chewed it.

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