Petrol-diesel prices to drop in MP, Report sought till 6 October

Minister Brajendra Singh Rathore has sought a report from the officers on the income and total consumption of the government after the increase in the prices of petrol and diesel in the state. The minister has asked to submit the report by 6 October. Based on that report, the government will take the next decision. The government is also taking feedback on the effect of the price being increased by the petroleum companies.

Commercial tax minister Brajendra Singh Rathore has held the central government responsible for the increase in petrol and diesel. Addressing to media he said that the Center Government has cut the state’s share. Also, the state is a victim of floods, in which the government has to increase VAT for the required amount. But the minister also said that VAT on petrol and diesel is temporary. The government will take it back. Minister Brajendra Singh Rathore accused the opposition of opposing the public-friendly decisions of the government. He advised the opposition leaders that instead of playing drums against the state government, they should protest against the discriminatory attitude of the central government in Delhi.

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