One sided lover of Ujjain shoots himself after woman refuses to marry him

Ujjain: In Ujjain (Ujjain) district of Madhya Pradesh, a mad man who was unilaterally in love with a widow, shot him and committed suicide. After the information of the incident, the police reached the spot and took the body and has sent it for postmortem. Simultaneously, the investigation of the case has also been started. Police said that the young man wanted to marry the widow however she did not wanted to marry him. In such a situation, the young man shot himself and committed suicide. The deceased youth has been identified as Jeetendra.

According to the information, the case is of Rajiv Gandhi Nagar located on Maxi Road, Ujjain. Pooja, the widowed woman, told the police that her husband has died and she lives with her mother-in-law. She also has a child. Pooja told that Jeetendra came to her house on Saturday morning and pressurized her to marry him. When the woman said that she could not marry, Jeetendra committed suicide by shooting himself in the stomach.
However, the police is questioning Pooja who was found on the spot. Police is also verifying the condition of Pooja killing Jeetendra. Pooja says that Jeetendra was pressurizing her to get married to him by threatening to kill himself is she does not agrees on marriage, this made Pooja stopping his hands from shooting himself which ultimately led to Jeetendra shooting himself in the stomach in order to grab control of the gun.

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