Indore says NO to plastic banners and posters

Indore. Indore, which has earned the reputation of being the cleanest city in the country, has now decided to ban plastic banner-posters (Plastic Ban), further tightening the standards of cleanliness. The proposal was passed in the Indore Municipal Corporation meeting on Thursday. Under this, all the members of the corporation agreed that now any institution or organization will not use plastic banner-posters in the city. Voluntary organizations or government organizations or political parties will not put any plastic banner-posters to keep the city’s environment clean. The proposal has been passed by the Indore Municipal Corporation in view of PM Narendra Modi’s appeal to ban single-use plastic.

The Indore Municipal Corporation Council has met after a long time. In this meeting, which took place amidst heavy uproar, the members of the corporation agreed to make the ban on single-use plastics as well as making roof water harvesting mandatory in the city. The last meeting of the Corporation Council was very chaotic. In view of this, a large number of police was deployed for Thursday’s meeting. Several proposals were approved in the meeting. The most important proposal was to ban the plastic banner-poster, which was presented by Leader of Opposition Fauzia Sheikh. All the members of the corporation agreed to his proposal. Under this, the proposal to not put posters of any political party in the city was passed.

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