Upset over mobile phone fight son commits suicide, father who went to save his son also dies accidentally

In Nehru Nagar, Kanpur, UP, there was a fight between the siblings over the mobile. Angered by this, the brother left the house to suicide. The father also went after his son to convince him. He saw the son standing on the Najirabad railway crossing and a train coming from the front. The father also reached the spot to save his son. The father-son duo died on the spot due to the grip of the train. This incident happened on Tuesday (October 1). Prem Srivastava (45), who lives in Nehru Nagar, Najirabad police station area, used to work in a clothes shop. Prem’s wife had died almost 10 years ago. The family lived with elder daughter Nancy (21) and son Naman (17). Naman was a student of Inter. After the father-son death, Nancy is now alone in the family. Actually, Naman bought Android mobile by withdrawing 13 thousand rupees from sister Nancy’s account. When Nancy came to know about it, there was a fight between the siblings on Tuesday night. Annoyed by this, Naman placed the mobile in the father’s hand and said that I am going to die in front of the train. After leaving the house Naman stood between railway track and stood between the tracks.

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