Doctors declared the child dead, child sneezes minutes before her funeral

One year old child died due to doctor’s negligence in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. After the incident, the family created a ruckus in front of the hospital. Family members allege that the doctor declared the child dead. The child’s father’s name is Kevin (35) and mother’s name is Preeti (26).

The child was declared dead by the doctor: In fact, on Tuesday (October 1) morning, the child was admitted by the family to the Raja Mirasudhar Government Hospital for treatment of fever and cough. But after seeing the child, the doctor said that now we cannot do anything. The child is dead. After hearing this, the family took the child back home and started preparing for her funeral. Meanwhile, a relative saw the child sneezing. When he gave information to his family, everyone was stunned.

Angry relatives made a ruckus: Immediately after this incident, the family took the child to the hospital, but again the doctor declared him dead. Angry relatives made a ruckus in front of the hospital accusing the doctor of not treating them properly and being negligent. Gradually hundreds of people gathered there. On receiving information about this incident, Thanjavur police reached the spot and pacified the case.

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