Disobedience or Hooliganism? Bhopal ADM rips High Court order in his office

Bhopal: on Friday ADM Satish Kumar was accused of tearing off the High Court order paper. Complainant Imad Shah is a national Shooter’s arms file was pending at the office of collector as well as the ADM after which receiving no help/response from collector or ADM Satish Imad filed a writ petition in the High Court of Madhya Pradesh that is situated in Jabalpur. Writ petition was filed in the district magistrate Court on 28 of August 2019 after which High Court of Madhya Pradesh ordered directing the authority to consider the same in accordance with law under the provision of rules 2016 and pass an appropriate order within a period of 15 days from the date of submitting the certified copy of the order on 23 September 2019. Imad accused ADM Satish that when he took the order in ADM office, ADM Satish tore the order paper and refused to obey the order and directed his junior authority to cancel Imad’s file. Looking into the matter it is not not only disobedience to the High Court but also an insult to the district administration of Bhopal. Imad said that he even complaint about incident to the collector but no action was taken against the ADM after which he organised a Press Conference for media on Saturday.

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